jcrew chambray shirt

Chambray shirt, $39.50, which looks good/fancy/cool even with sweatpants.

Ebbets ball caps

Historically accurate ballcaps for pretty much any old-school sports league you can imagine, $49.

cinnamon projects incense

The sexiest incense, which we burn every night. It smells like amber, cinnamon, lavender and oak moss. $30. (Plus, a simple incense holder).

our place pan

A genius non-stick, non-toxic, multi-purpose pan with a cult following, $95. Perfect for his Sunday morning scrambled eggs. (Alex loves this pan.)

Jimmy Hendrix

The Birth of Loud, $16.56, a gripping book about how the electric guitar rivalry between Leo Fender and Les Paul shaped the sound of rock and roll.

Negronis in a box

Negronis in a box, $59.99 for 20 servings. And they’re made with Greenhook Gin, so they’re not kidding around.

saxelby cheese ham

A wedge of long cured ham from a third-generation American cure-master. $48.

spyfall game

Spyfall, $25, an AMAZING game where you have to figure out who’s the spy. (Also, Codenames, which we’ve played one million times this year.)

John Donahue restaurant prints

A museum-quality drawing of your favorite New York City restaurant, $55. Bonus: Fifty percent of profits are donated to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.


A dartboard to bring his favorite bar game home and it’s very fun to play together. $150. (Or this budget-friendly one.)

Emily McDowell cards

A note saying how much you love him, since that’s all he really wants anyway. $5.

P.S. Last year’s husbands gift guide, and the 2020 gift guide so far.

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