Did you know that redecorating can help generate fresh, new ideas and boost creativity and productivity levels? This is especially true in the places you spend the most time using your brain power, like at your desk. When I’m feeling unmotivated or uninspired when I sit down to work, that’s when I know it’s time to refresh my workspace and find new inspiration to surround myself with daily. 

Changing what’s around you on a daily basis can make a major difference in keeping your mind alert, inspired, and productive, inside the office and out.

Here are a few simple updates that help me switch things up and makeover my desk into a place of joy, inspiration — somewhere I love to be every day! Cause let’s face it, we’re all spending a lot of time at our home desks lately…

image by molly culver

Upgrade your desk accessories.

Think about it—you probably spend at least 40 hours a week at or near your desk, so why not spruce it up to make it feel more like you? Try some of these great solutions for adding more personality to your desk, and helping you stay organized.

A statement pen holder adds a little quirk to your Monday mornings.

–Display your business cards proudly in a lucite card holder instead of having them haphazardly scattered in your top drawer.

–These inexpensive trays are a chic way to make stacks of paper look like they belong.

–Combine form and function with a wall calendar pretty enough to frame, like this one from Rifle Paper Co.

–Skip the cheap-looking plastic variety and snag a pair of these gold-plated scissors. No one will get away with borrowing yours and never returning them again.

image by friederikchen

Bring in natural elements.

Studies show that nature can instantly make us feel more inspired and see things with a different perspective. If you can’t take breaks to work outside for a few hours of the work day, bring the outside in. Natural gems like seashells, crystals, rocks, and flowers are all inexpensive ways to branch out with your desk decor to include things that give it a real seasonal approach.

Jac Cameron, the co-founder and creative director of AYR Denim in NYC, looks to crystals to decorate her desk space and drum up good energy. “I have a million crystals around me. Next to the candle on my desk, there’s an amethyst crystal. I like, energetically, what it does for me. There’s also labradorite. It has an iridescence, and it’s good for the creative process. And behind me on the windowsill, there are some pieces of rose quartz.” Ommmm.

image by molly culver

Surround yourself with those you love.

Another easy way to mix up your decor with the seasons? Get some chic picture frames and change out the photos with a few of your favorites that correlate to the season you’re in. Your family beach trip, sunsets by the lake, or sunny days at the park should bring warm and sunny vibes to your desk in the spring or summer months. When it gets a little cooler out, swap the photos out with your favorites from that special camping trip to the mountains, or on the ski slopes with your besties.

Seeing familiar faces and happy memories will create an instant mood boost –and make for some great stories with your coworkers, and icebreakers during office meetings with clients!

image by molly culver

Add a few plants.

We already know that having more natural lighting in the office leads to better well-being for employees, but it’s also been proven that having plants in the office results in more productive, less stressed, and more focused employees.

Plants, specifically, have a restorative effect on the brain, and can actually boost concentration levels and attention capabilities. Studies have shown they actually can increase worker productivity by 15 percent. Our little green friends also decrease stress levelsmake us more motivated, and can help clean the air around us. And that’s something we can all get behind.

Don’t have a green thumb? Here’s a round up of our favorite faux plants that look anything but.

image by the everygirl

Get organized.

What to do with all those papers and extra clutter you’ve got stacked up? Fight the urge to shove it into a junk drawer. Instead use desk storage boxes, bins, or drawer dividers to organize supplies you don’t necessarily need on your desktop. If you don’t have a desk drawer or prefer certain items to sit on top of your desk, get creative with your storage. Stacked designs or color coordinated boxes not only turn clutter into art, but make it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

Also, labeling and staying on top of your filing will make a huge difference in helping to avoid those scary paper mountains from forming on your desk. Filing can actually be fun when you use beautiful file folders and have somewhere cute to put it all– that stack of paperwork looks suddenly stylish and a lot more manageable to tackle!

image by teal thomsen

Light it up.

I love lighting up candles in the office because I think they help with my creative flow and instantly turn up the cozy vibes at my desk, which oddly enough makes me more motivated to be productive. I was especially taken with Le Labo’s Santal 26 at one point, but now, I subscribe to a candle subscription service called Scent, and they send me a candle every three months. If you’re all Le Labo-ed out, we might suggest these pretty candles below –they smell amazing, and also add more color or a chic statement piece to your desk decor.

If lighting candles makes you nervous or isn’t allowed at your office (probably for good reason), there are some great flameless candle options out there that will still help to increase overall ambiance and mood as well. Of course, I’ll also forever stand by my theory that a salt lamp can fix anything — including candle FOMO– in any space.

image by anthropologie 

Make it comfortable.

An office is about more than just appearances, it’s also about functionality and comfort. As you’re refreshing your work space decor, you may also want to consider making some changes that improve the ergonomics of your space. That could include:

–Getting a standing desk rather than a traditional sitting desk.

–Investing in a monitor riser that will place the monitor at eye-level. Or, stacking some coffee table books under your monitor to make it sit higher.

–Getting a keyboard tray that places your keyboard below your desk.

–Purchasing a chair that has extra support for your back, or getting a cute lower back pillow to lean against and help you maintain proper posture.

–Getting a foot stool to put your feet on while you sit.

All of these things really depend on what ergonomic problems you’re having right now, such as sore knees, lower back pain, or sore wrists. Having the right ergonomic solutions will reduce the chances of a repetitive stress injury or other health problems down the road. Most of us spend multiple hours on end sitting at our desks every week, so do yourself a favor and make it a comfortable, homey place where you feel like you can truly produce your best work and enjoy coming to every day.

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