Unfortunately, Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) was forced to cancel their annual film tour due to COVID-19. It’s a long-standing tradition for skiers and snowboarders to flock to their local theatre to watch the year’s best ski flick with their friends and family. But, as they say in the ‘biz’, the show must go on!

Lexi Dupont sending it BIG in Switzerland. Courtesy: Warren Miller Entertainment, Future Retro

Instead of touring the country with local screenings, WME is offering their newest film ‘Future Retro’ with three regional livestreams. The East Coast and Mountain/Central screenings have already taken place, but don’t worry!

The West Coast event will take place this Saturday, 11/21/20, starting with an awesome preshow at 7:00PM PST. The film itself will begin airing at 8PM PST.

While the event is tailored towards those who live on the West Coast with regionally specific door prizes and sponsors, anybody can join! Tickets are just $30 total for up to 4 people in your household. Purchasing a ticket will provide access to the film for 48 Hours from the time the show begins.

Snowboarding in Antarctica. Another reason to watch Future Retro. Courtesy: Warren Miller Entertainment, Future Retro

So, who is planning on watching ‘Future Retro’ this weekend with their family/friends? Sounds like a perfect Saturday-night-in to me.

Buy your tickets for the November 21st screening HERE.

Have pictures of your group watching ‘Future Retro’? Send them to matt@unofficialnetworks.com, and you might be featured in a future post!

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