Interesting Textures

The garage is wrapped in an earthy walnut that’s presented in an unexpected way. “We added a fluted design to add more of that design feel to it,” Danso explains. That one move transforms the walls and ceilings from an afterthought into an exciting design element.

Stone Accents

Breaking up the wood is a purple-toned stone from Caesarstone, which is used throughout the mudroom and on one of the garage walls. It adds a luxe touch to a space that’s typically not thought of as such, and is decidedly eye-catching.

Unexpected Features

Why can’t a garage also be a place of relaxation? Danso installed a wine fridge by Gaggenau in the room, so that residents will be greeted by something they love. “I think that’s really great to have that: You’re coming into your garage and you can just relax before you actually transition onto the next space,” she says.

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