Bright Flooring

While Curtis and Bolden wanted to create a rooftop space that felt natural and organic, they put a pop of color underfoot. The checkerboard pattern floor incorporates a red tone-“so the space really sings to you once you get there,” says Curtis. Otherwise, the furnishings lean neutral.

Multifunctional Use

“There’s so many different ways in which you can use the space in the way that we designed it, and that was intentional,” says Curtis. Indeed, with a bar covered in a planted canopy, an alfresco dining room, and two lounge areas, this courtyard can play quadruple duty. The designers sought to create an outdoor space that was just as much as a draw as the interiors of the home.

Room to Evolve

Curtis and Bolden were deliberate about not over-designing the space in order to ensure that the homeowner would also have room to add their own touches. “We want to keep a space still open for any found objects that you possibly may find or just something that you just recently fell in love with, and you want to place it somewhere,” Bolden says.

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